Friday, July 22, 2011

Late Update

This post comes much later than I originally wanted it to be. I planned to have more to bring you this week, but one of the pieces is not quite finished yet. I want it to be just right. Hopefully I will get it done by Monday.

For now, though, I have a new title card for Play it to the Back Row. It is for a review of Shrek. As promised last week, I'll post not only the completed work, but the work that went on behind it as well.

I hope you enjoy it, and look out for another post in a few days. I hope to be posting more frequently.

Until then, take car...rot muffins.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Evolution of Artings

Hello, my lovelies.

Since we last met, the 4th of July came and went. I hope your 4th was filled with friends, family, assorted grilled meats, and pretty skysplosions. Mine was filled with a Twilight Zone marathon and tasty goodies from the grill. A fine way to celebrate America's independence.

This week I made a decision to start showing the process of my arts from beginning to end. It's not something I usually do, not really out of protecting my (not so) awesome techniques, but more out of the negative idea that nobody cares about the process. I recently realized that's really not true. I love when other artists showcase the stages of their work, and plenty of other people appreciate it as well.

In the same vein, I've been mulling over the idea of making videos where I capture the entire process and speed it up. I don't quite have the proper setup right now, but it may happen in the future.

This week, I have for you a couple things. I am the current title card artist for Gomer the Ranting Thespian, and I made a new card for his "Play it to the Back Row" series. I have also done a sheet of faces. Only two are random original characters, and the rest are my cartoony interpretations of real people.

That pretty much concludes my entry for this week. I am working on a couple of fun pieces for next week, so watch out for that.

Love and muffins,